Belmont FC

Founded 1990

Co. Dublin

About Belmont FC

Vision Statement:

Our mission is to cultivate an enriching journey for our members, emphasizing the comprehensive growth of each player. We are dedicated to establishing a secure, supportive, and respectful atmosphere where players can prosper and refine their skills.

Core Values:

Respect: Maintaining integrity and respect is paramount in all interactions within our Club. Whether dealing with players, parents, or coaches, every person deserves dignified treatment. Our actions are guided by what serves the best interests of the child, fostering relationships grounded in mutual respect. Any form of abuse, whether verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual, is absolutely intolerable.

Positive Atmosphere and Ethos: We are committed to nurturing a positive and uplifting atmosphere across all Club activities. Prioritizing the well-being of players, coaches, and parents, we aim to cultivate a child-centered ethos. This approach ensures a balanced integration of healthy competition and specialization, preventing undue pressure and promoting sustained engagement in sports.

Equality: Fairness is at the core of our Club. We advocate for impartial treatment of all individuals, regardless of age, ability, gender, religion, socio-economic background, or political affiliation. Our dedication extends to the inclusion of children with disabilities in sports activities, enabling them to fully participate alongside their peers.

Fair Play: Fair play serves as the foundation of our ethos, aligning with the principles outlined by the Irish Sports Council and the European Code of Sports Ethics. It surpasses mere adherence to rules, embodying values of camaraderie, respect, and honesty. Fair play is instilled as a mindset, addressing broader issues such as commercialization and corruption.

Balanced Competition: We endorse a balanced approach to competition that promotes children's development while prioritizing enjoyment and fulfillment. Coaches and managers are encouraged to prioritize the child's welfare over competitive standards, ensuring that competition and specialization remain in perspective. Through these guiding principles, we aspire to foster an environment where every individual can thrive, both on and off the field.
We operate a junior academy known as The Belmont Kickers, located in Herbert Park, where they utilize the astro turf pitch for Saturday morning sessions.

Our club boasts teams spanning various age groups, ranging from Under 7 to Under 16. Matches for these teams are scheduled on either Saturday or Sunday mornings. Reflecting the current approach of the SDFL league as of 2014, some leagues for Under 7, 8, 9, and 10 do not emphasize competition; results are not recorded, and league tables are not generated. However, starting from Under 11, both tables and results are meticulously documented and made available online at

Operated entirely by volunteers, our club operates on a non-profit basis, with all financial resources reinvested into essential aspects such as jerseys and equipment.



Preserving our current pitch allocations holds significant importance and demands focused attention at the conclusion of each season.

The Dublin City Council (DCC) oversees the allocation of pitches for all clubs utilizing their facilities. It falls upon the club secretary to engage with the DCC, ensuring the maintenance and potential expansion of our allocations as needed.

Once a pitch allocation is secured, it's imperative to uphold it and formally request its continuation at the end of the season for the subsequent one. This process is crucial; losing an allocation can pose considerable challenges in regaining it.

Our club holds allocations in Herbert Park, encompassing both the grass pitches adjacent to the pond and the astro turf pitch near the playground. Additionally, we have a pitch allocation in Beech Hill.


We have use of the Dressing Rooms and equipment store and posts “cage” in Herbert Park.  We use the store room to store nets pitch marker etc etc, we use cage to store posts. We share the dressing rooms and store with all of the other teams who use the park. All clubs pay a fee to have use of the facility.
All managers have keys to dressing room / store room / cage (that’s 3 separate keys). Dressing room and store room are alarmed, the alarm for both is inside the dressing room building on the right on the same wall as the door.

BELMONT WIKI / club finances and team budgets

The club is financed in three ways.

1. Through contributions from players and parents.. “the player fee”
2. Through sponsorship with Donnybrook Fair, who are currently the club's only and official sponsor.
3. Through intermittent fund raising.


The clubs finances and bank account is managed by the club treasurer.
Typically the club generates it's running costs very year, it's not in the business of making a profit and when money is in the account it is usually spent on new kit etc.
The club charges a fee to all players, part of the fee goes to the club, part stays with the individual teams.



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