News 2012/2013 Season

    24/06/13 - Fancy joining Belmont FC in September for the 2013/2014 Season?

    You have probably seen the recruitment poster up in Donnybrook Fair, or been handed a flyer, and been directed to our website for further info.

    In the first instance we would suggest contacting our Chairman, Jim Duggan, with your childs name and date of birth. Jim will then be able to forward your request to the relevant manager.

    You can call/text Jim on 087 235 9670 or email him at


    04/06/13 - Under 14 End of Season Update

    2012-13 was a fantastic season for us, we won The Major Cup, coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 and finished runners up in our league (see the Major Cup match report and photos on the site)

    The league was very very tight and went down to the wire with two games on the final day, we played Dalkey and Killinarden played Blessington.  We needed to beat Dalkey and hope that Killarden dropped points. We did our bit and managed a victory over Dalkey but Killinarded held out against Blessington and won the title (congrats to them) by one point.

    Thanks to all opponents during the year for their hospitality, enjoy a summer break and see you all next season.

    Our 2012-13 squad was Liam Mulcahy, Jody Booth, Sanil Gupta, Luke McKay, Liam Keane, Francesco Capone, Eoghan Quinn Joost Peeters, Jack Andrews, 
    Loris Nikolov, Craig McDonnell, Louis Brennan, Luan McGrath, Thomas McCarthy, Hugo Boggan, Ben Duggan, Brian O Donnell, Luke Daly and Hugh Gleeson.

    Managers Jim Duggan, Nicola Capone and Paddy McGrath

    All in all a great season...congratulations to all.

    21/05/13 - U14 Major Cup Match Report

    Match Report

    (see match photos in the gallery here)

    Most of what follows is true

    A Football Film

    It’s a beautiful sunny day, perfect for football.

    Cut to the manager
    MANAGER (George Clooney) “Are you up for this"?
    Cut to the team (themselves)
    TEAM “Yes”
    MANAGER "Are your ready”?
    TEAM “Yes”
    MANAGER “Are you on, on, on”?
    TEAM “Yes, Yes, Yes”

    The team look dazzling in their yellow and blue kit with their astro turf boots

    Cut to Player 
    PLAYER (Luan McGrath)   “Astro? No one told me astro”

    Cut to wide shot, the M50.
    In the distance through the shimmering heat haze we make out a car.
    Cut to Mom (Julia Roberts) gripping the wheel as the car careers around a roundabout.
    Cut to a road sign,THIS WAY TO ELVERYS.
    Cut to Player (Luan McGrath) in passenger seat calmly suggesting more speed is required.
    PLAYER “Faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster, faster”

    Cut to fans in yellow and blue.
    FANS “Come on Belmont”
    Cut to referee “peep peep ”
    MANAGER “Come on Belmont from the start “
    Cut to title -3 minutes later
    Cut to, Park Celtic player breaks through and scores.
    Cut to horrified Belmont fans “Feck it”
    Cut to cheering Park Celtic fans “Horray”
    Cut to Score Board Belmont 0-Park Celtic 1

    Cut to wide shot Liffey Valley Shopping Center.
    Cut to wide shot Elverys.
    Cut to camera on the floor as it sweeps towards blue stocking feet.
    PLAYER “Where is he, how hard can it be to find size 42”?
    Cut to sign on door ELVERYS STORE ROOM
    Cut to wide shot inside room, we see it’s the biggest store room in the world
    Cut to store room assistant looking down through boxes
    STORE ROOM ASSISTANT “size 21…size 22…size 23…size 24…..”

    Cut to manager (George Clooney)
    Assistant Manager (Brad Pitt) and Assistant Assistant manager (Liam Neeson)
    MANAGER “Lots of time left, always hard to get these guys going”
    ASSISTANT MANAGER “we’ll get one back”
    Cut to title -25 minutes later
    Cut to Park Celtic player breaking through to score a second.
    Cut to horrified Belmont fans “Feck it”
    Cut to cheering Park Celtic fans “Horray”
    Cut to Score Board Belmont 0-Park Celtic 2


    FLASHBACK 2011-12
    Manager looking into distance in a daze.

    We hear a voice in the distance “boss boss” …louder now …”boss boss”
    Cut to the manager snapping out of flashback, standing in front of him is Luke Daly
    Cut to Luke Daly (himself) “its OK boss I get the goals that turn us on, I will get one now”.
    Cut to Thomas Mc Carthy (himself) “I will play one of my killer passes”
    Cut to Ben Duggan (himself) “I will create the space out on this wing”
    Cut to Craig Mc Donnell (himself) “I will hold the line in midfield”
    Cut To Liam Keane (himself) “I will make up the ground and catch them”
    Cut to Liam Mulcahy (himself) “I will save everything they throw at us”
    Cut To Francesco Capone (himself)” “none will pass”
    Cut to Sean Conway (himself)“last week I felled a 6ft Blackrock out-half, these guys are going down”

    Cut to Thomas McCarthy playing a killer pass and Luke Daly scoring the goal that turns us on.
    Cut to cheering Belmont fans “Horray”
    Cut to horrified Park Celtic fans “Feck it”
    Cut to Score Board Belmont 1-Park Celtic 2
    Cut to the referee “peep peep” half time.

    “size 36… size 37….size 38…size 39…size 40…size 41…size 42…. Ah–ha knew there was one somewhere”

    Cut to MOM (Julia Roberts) driving at speed against oncoming traffic.
    In the passenger seat is player (Luan McGrath) tying up size 42 boots.
    Cut to Moms hand repeatedly honking car horn, warning oncoming traffic of danger,
    beep beep, beep beep
    Cut To Luan in passenger seat
    “bleep bleep, bleep bleep”
    Cut to referee
    “peep peep, peep peep” …
    second half.

    Cut to Manager looking into distance, he hears a dreamlike voice, its his own. “you should have played Jody “long legs” Booth, and Joost “total football” Peeters” and Louis “I bite” Brennan…..then another dreamlike voice, “boss, boss”.. and again but clearer now.. “boss boss”

    We cut to the manager (George Clooney) snapping out of dream sequence…standing in front of him is Luke McKay

    Cut To Luke McKay (himself) “Its Ok Boss, I’m last man they won’t score again”
    Cut to Eoghan Quinn (himself) “I am the entire Arsenal back four”
    Cut To Sanil Gupta “I win balls and drive us out of defence”
    Cut to Hugo Boggan (himself), ‘I get those balls and feed strikers”
    Cut to Hugh Gleeson (himself) “we are great strikers we will get goals”
    Cut to Brian O Donnell (himself) I’ll get a goal, I might get two””
    Cut to Luan McGrath (himself) “these bad boy size 42s mean business“
    Cut To Title Card -57 Minutes
    Cut to the Belmont bench jumping up as Brian O’ Donnell scores.
    Cut to cheering Belmont fans “Hip Hip Horray”
    Cut to horrified Park Celtic fans “Feckity Feck Feck”
    Cut to Score Board Belmont 2-Park Celtic 2

    SCENE 12- FLASHBACK 2011-12
    Cut to the manager in a daze looking into the distance

    “Boss”…louder now and more insistent… “BOSS
    We cut to the manager (George Clooney) snapping out of flashback…standing in front of him is Jack Andrews

    Cut to Jack Andrews (himself) “Its Ok Boss, I’m going to carry the ball and play a great ball to Brian”
    Cut to Brian O Donnell (himself) “I’m going to score my second goal”
    Cut to Jack, he passes to Brian
    Cut to Brian he shoots, it’s saved and blocked.
    Cut to Belmont bench on its feet
    Cut to ball running out wide
    Cut to Belmont crowd on their tippy toes.
    Cut to camera showing the impossibly tight angle
    Cut to a boot kicks a ball
    Cut to a ball rolls into the net.
    Cut to silent and still claret and blue Park Celtic fans.
    Cut to jumping, cheering, kissing yellow and blue Belmont fans.
    Cut to the referee “peep peep” the final whistle.
    Cut to the score board Belmont 3-Park Celtic 2

    Cut to Helicopter Shot, we are high over the ground, it’s a perfect day in Dublin the sun is shining in a blue sky over the green park. We see everyone running onto the pitch, parents, players, brothers, sisters, managers. There are hugs and handshakes and kisses and high fives and at last a cup is held aloft.

    Cut to Title Card – THE END


    Cut to a big close up of a car radio.
    Iggy Pop is singing The Passenger
    “I am the passenger and I ride and I ride”
    Cut To wide shot interior car the ASSISTANT ASSISTANT MANAGER,
    (Liam Neeson) MOM,(Julia Roberts) and PLAYER (Luan McGrath) traveling home in their car.
    The radio continues “I look through the window so bright’ I see the stars come out of the sky”
    Cut To PLAYER “Mom size 42 is a bit tight, I think I need a 43”
    Cut to womans shoe slamming down on brake pedal.
    Cut to screeching tires, smoking burning rubber
    we hear the radio
    “singing la la la la la la la……”
    a car door is thrown open.
    “la la la la la la la…”
    MOM (Julia Roberts) gets out.
    we fade to black over the sound of screams.

    04/06/13 - Kickers 2012-2013

    Kickers, our Junior Soccer Academy, finished up for this year on a glorious day last Saturday. Ever present coach Ned was thanked by the club for all of his work, as was out-going Kickers Manager John O Connell, who took a bow and looked slightly relieved to be handing over to new manager John O Malley. 

    With an average of over 50 children each week Kickers continues to offer an opportunity to young people in Donnybrook and the surrounding area to make friends through football. When the new season starts in September 2013 many of the Belmont FC U7s will be Kickers Graduates....for further info check

    Also see Gallery for some Kicker photos.

    Thanks to everyone for their continued support 

    See you all next season.

    21/05/13 - Under 14 Update

    What a week in the league and cup and it isn't over yet. An away league win on Thursday against Lourdes Celtic, means the league will go down to its final round of matches this coming thursday.
    We need to win and fingers crossed other results go our way.

    The Major Cup is presented to Belmont U14's

    A great day on Sunday saw us win the Major Cup with a fantastic comeback from 2-0 down to secure a 3-2 victory over Park Celtic. Goals from Luke Daly and a couple from Brian O Donnell capped a tremendous net to net display from the entire squad on a searing hot day in the SDFL Complex.

    Stay Tuned this Friday for a final season summary.

    17/05/13 - Under 14 Update

    The exciting end to our season continues with a Sunday home victory over Ballyowen and a mid-week away victory at Lourdes Celtic. These results have kept us in contention right at the top of the league which will come to an end next week with a final round of games. See the table below.


    Belmont U14's. Back L-R Francesco Capone, Brian O Donnell, Luan McGrath, Ben Duggan, Hugh Gleeson, Hugo Boggan, Craig McDonnell, Sanil Gupta, Jack Andrews, Luke McKay, Eoghan Quinn, Thomas McCarthy. Front L-R Luke Daly, Liam Mulcahy, Liam Keane, Sean Conway, Louis Brennan, Jody Booth, Joost Peeters. Not in photo Loris Nikolov

    This Sunday sees us in our second Cup Final in 2 years; we are playing the Major Cup Final at the SDFL complex in Ballyowen. KO is 1pm and we play Park Celtic. Get along if you can, all support welcome.

    Still lots to play for as the season comes to a close....stay tuned for updates

    TEAM                                    PLAYED                     POINTS
    KILLINARDEN                     17                           44
    BELMONT                            17                           43
    BEECH PARK                     16                           34
    PARK CELTIC                    16                            27
    LOURDES CEL.                17                           24
    DALKEY                               15                           23

    08/05/13 - Under 14 Update

    Blessington visited Herbert Park this week but we managed to continue our winning ways with a 6-0 home victory, keeping us in second place in the league. Killinarden are still making the running at the top of the table with only a few games left to be played.

    This week we are home to Ballyowen on Sunday and away to Lourdes Celtic on Thursday. Our Cup Final the following Sunday rounds off a very exciting 7 days of soccer for us. As a very famous (and soon to retire) manager once said “its squeaky bum time!!!!” see the table below. ..... stay tuned for league and cup updates.

    TEAM                                    PLAYED                     POINTS
    KILLINARDEN                     16                           41
    BELMONT                            15                           37
    BEECH PARK                     16                           34
    LOURDES CEL.                 16                          27
    PARK CELTIC                    14                           24
    DALKEY                               15                           23

    30/04/13 - Under 14 Update

    We were back in League action this week with a haul of 6 points from two away games to keep us right in contention at the top of the league. A midweek trip to Ballyowen saw us come out 4-2 on top, and a journey up the road to Terenure on Sunday secured us another victory.

    Our title rivals in the league, Killinarden continue their good form with another victory that keeps them ahead of ourselves and Beech Park. Its still tight tight tight at the top of the table with 4 games to go, see the table below. ..... stay tuned for league and cup updates.

    TEAM                                    PLAYED                     POINTS
    KILLINARDEN                     15                           38
    BELMONT                            14                           34
    BEECH PARK                     15                           31
    LOURDES CEL.                 16                          27
    PARK CELTIC                    13                           21
    DALKEY                               13                           20


    Back L-R Francesco Capone, Brian O Donnell, Luan McGrath, Ben Duggan, Hugh Gleeson, Hugo Boggan, Craig McDonnell, Sanil Gupta, Jack Andrews, Luke McKay, Eoghan Quinn, Thomas McCarthy. Front L-R Luke Daly, Liam Mulcahy, Liam Keane, Sean Conway, Louis Brennan, Jody Booth, Joost Peeters. Not in photo Loris Nikolov

    29/04/13 - Under 10's Belmont B 4 Granada 1

    Having suffered a 3 – 1 away defeat to Granada last week, Belmont were looking for a big performance to get a result on Saturday.  They started strongly, with Leo Maguire, Louis Grinnell, Jamie McLoughlin and Paddy Keane dominating the midfield area, and it soon became clear that they were controlling the game with some great passing and challenging for every ball.

    From a free kick just inside the Belmont half, McLoughlin let fly a screamer, which Maguire helped into the back of the net.  Soon after, George Morris followed up cleverly on a deflected save from the Granada keeper and slotted the ball home from a tight angle on the right.  The defence was rock solid in the first half with particularly strong performances from Zach O’Neill on the left, who was stealing a lot of ball from the Granada attack with some solid tackling, and Milan Djordjevic, who was very effective as a sweeper behind Morris and O’Neill.  Liam Cleary was causing the Granada defence further problems upfront and was unlucky when put through to put the ball over the top.  2 – 0 to Belmont at half time.

    Granada started very strongly in the second half and were much more organised.  This paid off when, after a goalmouth scramble, when after a fine initial save from McLoughlin in goal, the ball was bundled over the line.  Belmont’s nervousness was short-lived when a similar scramble on the Granada goal-line saw Sam Gallagher get the vital touch on the ball to make it 3 – 1.  Gallagher also had a free-kick, which was hit with tremendous ferocity, stopped when it hit the face of a very unlucky No.7 from Granada, who stood up and bravely continued.

    Belmont were keeping their shape really well and were helped a lot with further great clearing out of defence by man of the match Djordjevic, as well as O’Neill and James Quane.  Harry Nash and Luke Morrisson added some speed and pace to the midfield, with some strong dribbling runs.  Short corners to Cleary had also given McLoughlin and then Gallagher the angle to sweep the ball at a much better angle towards the Granada danger area.  Maguire and Cleary went close again with near misses from close-in.  Keane, having hit the post, then added the fourth to put the result beyond doubt.  A fantastic result which sees Belmont retake third position in the table.

    24/04/13 - Under 14 Update

    We are Finalists...a close close Major Cup semi final with ParkVale swung our way when 3 well taken goals from Hugh Gleeson, Brian O Donnell and Hugo Boggan sealed a 3-1 victory over determined and skillful opposition. We are looking forward to the Final on the 19th of May.

    This week we are back in League action with a midweek trip to Ballyowen and a weekend journey to Terenure.

    Our title rivals in the league, Killinarden and Beech Park played each other with Killinarden coming out on top 0-4. Its still tight tight tight at the top of the table with 5 games to go, see the table below. ..... stay tuned for league and cup updates.

    TEAM                                    PLAYED                     POINTS
    KILLINARDEN                     14                           35
    BELMONT                            12                           28
    BEECH PARK                     13                           28
    LOURDES CEL.                 15                          24
    PARK CELTIC                    13                           21
    DALKEY                               12                           17


    16/04/13 - Under 14 Update

    We were back in league action this week and had an away victory against Lakeands, which has kept us in the running at the top of the table.

    Great defence and some really nicely taken individual a fantastic flowing move from our defence to the back of the lakelands net... put us in the driving seat on the day.

    Our title rivals in the league, Killinarden had their game called off and Beech Park notched up another victory, they play each other this weekend. So its still tight at the top, see the table below.

    We are playing in the The Major Cup Semi Final this weekend..... stay tuned for update.

    TEAM                                    PLAYED                     POINTS
    KILLINARDEN                     13                           32
    BELMONT                            12                           28
    BEECH PARK                     12                           28
    LOURDES CEL.                 15                          24
    PARK CELTIC                    13                           21
    DALKEY                               12                           17

    11/04/13 - Under 14 Update

    Our U14 season continues with a Major Cup cup quarter final victory over Granada.

    Belmont went two up but were pegged back to 2-1 before pulling away in the second half to win 5-2 on the day. The goals were shared by Hugo Boggan, Ben Duggan, Hugh Gleeson, Brian o Donnell and Thomas McCarthy, an excellent defensive display kept Granada at bay.

    While we were playing in the cup our title rivals in the league, notably Killinarden and Beech Park all notched up victories. Killinarden stretch their lead at the top of the table to 7 points, although we do have two games in hand. Beech Park won their game and are now joint second with us , we have identical played and points records.  You can see how tight it is in the table below.

    We are playing in the league this weekend.... stay tuned for update.

    TEAM                                    PLAYED                     POINTS
    KILLINARDEN                     13                           32
    BELMONT                            11                           25
    BEECH PARK                     11                           25
    PARK CELTIC                     13                           21
    LOURDES CEL.                  14                           21
    DALKEY                                11                           17

    07/04/13 - St James 0 Belmont 3 - U9 Match Report

    St James Athletic V Belmont FC (U9s), Kilmacud, 6 April 2013, written by Mark Collins

    On a bright and pleasant spring morning, the Belmont U9s took to an uneven pitch against a much fancied St James team, watched on by a large and enthusiastic crowd.

    St James started well and attacked strongly down both flanks. Their strikers looked dangerous but could find no way past Cormac Morris, James Sherwin, JP O'Connor and team captain for the day Naomi Nohar. Matthew Buckley, looking well rested after a recent break, was very solid in goal. Having absorbed the pressure for the first 5 minutes, Belmont started to play their way in to the match with some nice passing in midfield from Macdara Cosgrave and Mikey Yarr. Patrick Collins also showed deft touches and was involved in most of the action. This young but talented Belmont side was working hard and fighting for everything. The first real chance of the match came from a long and cleverly directed kick out from Buckley. The ball fell to David Walsh on the wing who beat a defender and played a superb pass to Elliott Looney, who smashed an unstoppable shot which came back of the post. It was a warning sign from Looney, one of the best strikers in the league.

    The game turned late in the first half after a piece of wonderful skill from John Carton. Having bravely stopped another St James move, Nohar found Carton on the half way line. He controlled the ball with ease and looked up. He then played a perfect pass to Looney who buried it in the bottom left hand corner to give Belmont a well deserved lead. St James threatened briefly towards the end of the half, most notably off an indirect free in the area, but Buckley is a very hard man to beat in nets. The half finished with a dazzling run down the wing from Yarr, who was having his best match of the season.

    After some strong but thoughtful words from the coach at half time, Belmont looked even more determined starting the second half. Collins and Buckley swapped positions but this made the team even stronger. Walsh again worried St James every time he got the ball. He combines both speed and skill and is a problem for any defence.

    The moment of the match arrived early in the second half. Another long ball from O'Connor found Cosgrave in outside the St. James' box. He turned beautifully but was taken down and a free kick awarded. Carton stood up to the free kick and curled a simply stunning shot in to the top left hand corner of the goal. An excellent St James keeper could do nothing about it. It was a shot that Ronaldo would have been proud of.

    The game was effectively over as a contest with Belmont's third goal. Man of the match Morris cleared to Buckley after more good work from Nohar. He took off on a mazy run which confused the St. James defence. Looney ran a decoy run and Buckley slid the ball across the area to the oncoming JP O'Connor who, going like a train, tucked it away in the corner. O'Connor doesn't miss chances like these and it was fair reward for a brilliant player who works hard to join the attack.

    There was still plenty of action to come. Morris was a rock in defence. Buckley was in total control in midfield and looked like he was directing traffic. He showed us many of his skills; neat one-twos, back-heels, flicks, headers. He is a very complete footballer. Cosgrave, Walsh and Yarr all had chances. Cosgrave deserved a goal for a great second half - he will score many goals in the future. Collins produced a number of fantastic saves. One was so good that St James had already turned away in celebration before he got down to his left to deny them.

    There was also one final moment towards the end of the game which has to be recorded. St James had a three on one and looked sure to score. Unfortunately for them, the one was James Sherwin. Sherwin, the heart of the Belmont team, tackled one, got up quickly and tackled another before running down the wing to start another attack. Even though his team were leading a match which was almost over Sherwin's determination was incredible. The crowd could almost hear him thinking "thou shall not pass". He is without question amongst the best defenders in the league.

    The much used whistle sounded one last time to bring the game to an end. The players shook hands and St James were thanked for their part in a great game. Nohar led her team off for well earned Taytos. She is a true leader and the team is lucky to have her.

    This well coached Belmont side now move in to second place in the league. They know that if they continue to work hard, play for each other and never give up, then they are a match for anyone.


    St. James 0
    Belmont 3

    04/04/13 - Under 14 Update

    Our Under 14 team have a tough April and May ahead, starting this weekend with a cup quarter final against Granada.

    In the league we are involved in a tight three way battle at the top,  Killinarden lead the table with 29 points, we are second with 25 points and a game in hand, Beech Park are 3rd with 22 points with a game in hand over us, Park Celtic , Lourdes Celtic, Dalkey United and Blessington are also in contention.
    With so little football played over the last few months results of games in hand played in the coming weeks will be important .. stay tuned for weekly updates.

    TEAM                                    PLAYED                     POINTS
    KILLINARDEN                     12                           29
    BELMONT                            11                           25
    BEECH PARK                     10                           22
    PARK CELTIC                     12                           18 
    LOURDES CEL.                  13                           18
    DALKEY                                10                           17

    01/04/13 - An important message from the Chairman

    As many of us who have had matches cancelled almost every weekend since Christmas know, it has been the wettest December-April in Ireland since records began in 1549.

    Herbert Park earlier this week

    You may also be aware that Dublin City Council (DCC) recently made the welcome decision to re-surface the pitches in Herbert Park, and to put in additional drainage, to ensure home football can happen more often during winter months in the seasons ahead.
    The good news is that additional money has been found in the parks budget and DCC have decided to build a vast subterranean network of caves and tunnels that will lead to an underground playing and training facility. The Dublin City Parks Manager says that as a result there will be less weather cancellations which is to be welcomed.

    The head of DCC Parks Division poses with his new subterranean digger that will make light work of creating the underground facilty
    Due to terrible weather, underground or "subterranean" football was very popular in the 1960s. In fact, the singer Bob Dylan (ask your parents or grandparents about him) wrote many songs about the impact of weather on football including "A Hard Rains Gonna Fall", "Blowing in The Wind", "Rainy Day Women" (for football moms everywhere), and "Shelter From The Storm".

    His most famous football song "Subterranean Home Sick Blues" ( quickly became an anthem where ever underground football was played.

    At a recent meeting the SDFL and FAI ruled that the term "subs" will no longer be used for "additional players" and it will now refer to those teams playing "subterranean". Belmont club secretary Wally Tyrrell was assured we will retain our overground status (well done Wally) while other local teams Beechwood and Donnybrook will play "subterranean" because, as stated at the meeting, "the football played by those teams should only be seen in the dark"

    In relation to the dark, the City Manager says the budget will not stretch to underground floodlights and suggests miners helmets for minors. These will available in Belmont FC Yellow and Blue . The FAI also wisely advise players playing in the subterranean dark to 

    "keep your eyes wide open,
    the chance won't come again,
    for the loser now, will be later to win,
    for the times they are a-changin"...

    An artists impression of what the underground pitches could like like, but without the lights.
    All, (or some) of these changes will come into effect (or not) from Monday 1st April.
    Jim Duggan Chairman Belmont FC

    19/02/13 - Match report from the U10B's 4-1 victory away to Postal Aylesbury

    Postal Ayles  1  - 4  Belmont B (Maguire, Duffy x 2, Gallagher)


    Manager and team happy after 4-1 victory. Photo: Ross Maguire

    Belmont were strong from the first whistle against a Postal Ayles side holding joint top spot in the League.  Some great passing between Milan Djordjevic, Paddy Keane and Liam Cleary was causing the home side big problems up the right hand side of the pitch, while up the left, man of the match Leo Maguire was making some dazzling runs and putting some great crosses in to test the defence.  It was from one of these great dribbles up the wing that the first goal eventually came with Paddy Keane running through from midfield onto the ball put through from Maguire to place it into the net.

    Sam Gallagher was commanding in goals and his tremendous kick outs and from the hand were keeping a lot of play well inside the Postal half.  When the opposition did have the ball, Zach O’Neill, Anthony Steyn and Luke Morrison were picking up their men well and comfortably dealing with the challenge.  Meanwhile, Louis Grinnell in the middle of the park was a tower of strength and his physical presence meant that the attack was slowed or kept well away from the danger zone.  A second goal was soon to follow, with what was undoubtedly the best move of the game with a series of long passes including a great one from Liam Cleary to Maguire who again made the crucial pass with Adam Duffy running onto the ball and slotting it past the keeper into the bottom right hand corner.  2 – 0 at half time to the away side.

    A switch of keeper at half time, saw Cleary make his debut appearance between the posts, and he offered a very safe pair of hands.  His kick-outs continued to pick out Keane on the right, and from one of these moves, the ball again found Duffy.  While Belmont had kept a great shape and positioning throughout, Postal had pushed forward in search of a goal and Duffy cruelly exposed this to great effect with a drive towards goal, again slotting it in the bottom right of the net.

    An uneasy period followed as Belmont were caught out a few times as they searched for a fourth and were a bit exposed at the back (a lesson for future games).  On the first of these, four Postal attackers poured through with only one defender to beat.  Zach O’Neill closed the gap to the Postal attacker and before he could get a pass away for what would have been a certain goal, made a crucial tackle as support arrived.

    Postal continued to challenge and eventually they got through and scored in the bottom left of Belmont’s goal.  Sam Gallagher immediately hit back after taking the ball from midfield with a cracking shot from just inside the penalty box past the helpless Postal keeper to make it 4 – 1.  There were more chances for Belmont to extend the lead, and two shots from Duffy went very close, but in the end it finished with the Belmont team very satisfied with a great scoreline and more importantly a great team performance.